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Hair Transplant Institute

Leading Specialists in Hair Restoration

The Hair Transplant Institute is renowned worldwide for providing superior hair restoration solutions. Staffed with industry-leading surgeons, we leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to tackle hair loss, providing patients the confidence of a full head of hair.

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Comprehensive Hair Transplant Treatments

We offer a wide range of therapies and services including FUT, FUE, scalp micropigmentation, and laser therapy. Our world-class facilities contribute to the Hair Transplant Institute’s reputation as the go-to destination for individuals seeking expert hair loss solutions.

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Advanced Hair Transplant Technology

Utilizing the latest advancements in hair transplant technology, the Hair Transplant Institute delivers safer, faster, and more effective hair restoration results. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide minimally invasive procedures, ensuring shorter recovery times and natural-looking outcomes.

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Exceptional Patient Care

At the Hair Transplant Institute, patient satisfaction is our primary goal. We offer personalized care and attention, guiding patients throughout every step of their hair restoration journey. Our dedicated team ensures that every patient achieves their desired results in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

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Hair Transplant Institute operating for over 22 Years


Hair Transplant Institute

The Hair Transplant Institute is a pioneering institution that aims to restore peoples’ self-confidence and esteem by addressing hair loss in its many forms. With cutting-edge techniques and procedures, this Institute stands as a beacon of hope for many individuals all around the globe suffering from hair loss.

A crucial part of the institute’s credibility is contributed by Dr. Akaki Tsilosani, an acclaimed specialist in the hair transplant field. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Tsilosani is known to be one of the best doctors in this particular domain worldwide. He has devoted his profession towards ensuring people gain back the cheerfulness they once had before they fell prey to hair loss.

Being a member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and European Hair Research Society, Dr. Tsilosani has showcased his phenomenal skills in advances of hair transplantation surgery. His revelationary techniques and approaches involve minimal damage and yield optimal results—setting new benchmarks of success in this field. His credentials and experience have garnered him an enviable reputation, both within the scientific community and among patients worldwide.

Meticulously and patiently, Dr. Tsilosani evaluates each patient’s unique condition—putting consideration into their age, genetic history, personal lifestyle, and the progression of hair loss. Subsequently, he devises personalized treatment plans that precisely address the specific requirements of each individual. The hair transplantation procedures conducted under his adept hands have proven to yield results that look entirely natural, giving patients a renewed sense of confidence and youthfulness.

Dr. Tsilosani’s dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have earned him recognition in hair transplant circles globally. He has been a significant contributor to different international forums and seminars, sharing his valuable insights and developments—thus, pushing the boundaries of hair transplant practices.

The Hair Transplant Institute under Dr. Tsilosani’s leadership primarily focuses on patient satisfaction. Ensuring a seamless, transparent, and comfortable experience for patients form the crux of the institute’s ethos. This includes in-depth consultations, individualized treatment solutions, coupled with world-class postoperative care and support.

Clients from all over the world put their trust in Dr. Tsilosani and the Hair Transplant Institute he represents. His expertise, coupled with the innovative treatments offered at the Institute, assure clients of positive and life-changing experiences. Across the globe, the institute, under the helm of Dr. Tsilosani, has changed countless lives by treating hair loss effectively—rendering it a globally celebrated entity in the domain of hair transplantation.


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The Hair Transplant Institute delivers straightforward procedures to reclaim your lush hair. Exemplifying excellence and simplicity, our skilled surgeons perform easy steps in precise follicle implementation, restoring your youthful appearance with minimal discomfort. Experience elegant care at our top-tier facility. 100% unique hair renewal process tailored just for you.


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